Type of Diet Recommended for the Sportsman and Children in Sports.

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In the diet for your sportsman you must include foods from all groups so that you do not lack nutrients. Premium fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs and meat. Children who play sports often have special needs in terms of food. They must eat more quantity and increase the consumption of calories and proteins. Next we will see what the best diet is for your sportsman son. In addition, we must bear in mind that each sport has different effects on the body. In addition, it creates different needs, so the model of diet for athletes will have to be adapted. Even so, there are some general rules that should be applied to the diet of any child who loves sports, so that they receive all the nutrients they need. In short, it is to promote the consumption of calcium to strengthen bones, carbohydrates to gain energy and proteins for good muscle health.

Recommended Foods in a Diet for Your Sportsman Son

Fruits and Vegetables

The consumption of fruits such as bananas, strawberries and avocados or vegetables such as spinach and peppers will be a good source of iron, vitamins, hydrates and potassium.

  • In this sense, sports children do not have to have a limit in terms of daily consumption of vegetables.
  • On the other hand, it is better to limit the consumption of fruit only during the morning.


Fish, such as tuna or salmon, are great sources of Omega 3 and healthy fats. These will contribute to a good recovery of the body after exercise, in addition to helping to metabolize other foods.

  • It will be advisable to consume this type of fish four or five times a week.


The eggs will provide them with proteins and calories. In addition, they contain vitamins A and B. Therefore, they are a highly recommended food, although it is advisable to limit the consumption of the yolks, to avoid an excess of calories, about five a week. The egg whites, however, can be taken in an unlimited way.


Meats like lamb, veal or chicken contribute to recovery and good muscle health. Therefore, it will be important to consume them daily. However, the intake of red meat should be limited to no more than two or three times a week.


The nuts also are good sources of vegetable protein, plus fiber, vitamins and minerals. These foods provide a lot of energy and contribute to the feeling of fullness, to better control large food intakes. It will be advisable to take a handful of them three or four times a week.


Finally, a good diet for your child athlete should contain pasta and cereals, preferably whole, as they will provide children with carbohydrates and energy. They also have fiber for good digestion. Therefore, some cereals such as oats can be eaten every day.

Food Before Competition

Next, we show you the differences to take into account in the diet of your sports child before, during and after sports. In the first place,before any competition it is advisable to provide sugar reserves and achieve a good hydration.

“The right dishes should be rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and fiber”.

Therefore, some recommended foods are macaroni or spaghetti, cereals and fruit. These meals should be made between two and three hours before the competition, to ensure a good digestion. That is why it is important to set meal times, since many children train in the evenings when they have classes in the mornings.

Food During the Competition

In the case of a short physical activity, less than one hour, maintaining a good hydration will be an essential supplement in the diet for your child athlete. Therefore, it is important that children have a good amount of water at hand, so that they can drink often during the physical activity. On the other hand, if the time in which they are practicing sports lasts more than an hour, it will be advisable to reinforce their reserves of carbohydrates that can be assimilated quickly. In that case, it is advisable to eat a product with cereals or nuts.

Food After the Competition

After playing sports, it is important to help a good physical recovery. To do this, it is best to consume carbohydrates that provide glycogen to the body. The muscles will recover their glycogen reserves based on the time elapsed between the end of the exercise and the intake, the type of carbohydrates and the amount consumed. On the other hand, if children have exercised intensively for a short time, carbohydrate intake should be at frequent intervals throughout the following hours.

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