What Type of Foods Should be Avoided for Acne Diet Plan?


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There are some foods rich in saturated fats that can negatively affect the complications of acne. Therefore, it is important to follow a diet low in calories and fats to facilitate their control. The adoption of a balanced diet for acne has become one of the most popular measures to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. To date, although no dermatologist has confirmed that there is a direct relationship between diet and acne, many people have decided to improve their eating habits in order to prevent outbreaks.

Among the most common improvements introduced in the “anti-acne diet” are the reduction or elimination of the consumption of trans and saturated fats, sugars, sweets and dairy products; Special emphasis is placed on the exclusion of foods with a high glycemic load. To help you improve your diet and thus take care of your skin, we will tell you below which foods are best for you to eat more often from now on.

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Foods that You Should Avoid in a Diet for Acne

Acne is a skin disease whose main characteristic is the formation of small comedones that are composed of fat and dead cells. It is considered one of the most common aesthetic problems, especially during adolescence. Often, it is caused by an alteration of the activity of the sebaceous glands, which is usually related to hormonal changes. However, it is considered that it can also be the result of lack of external care and, to a lesser extent, the consumption of some irritating and acidic foods. Do you know if you consume them?

Dairy Products

The habitual consumption of whole milk products can affect the recurrent appearance of acne pimples. This is because it contains precursors of testosterone, a substance that may participate in the production of sebum and that is unbalanced by this variety of foods.

Bread and Industrial Pastries

In a diet to fight acne is essential to reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates to the maximum. That is, it is best to avoid industrial bakery, bread, pasta and any food that comes from refined flours. Unfortunately, these foods de-escalate glucose levels and increase the tendency to accumulate fat.

Sausages and Prefabricated

Stuffed meats and processed foods are full of saturated fats, chemical additives and refined flours that affect the health of the skin. Including this variety of foods in the diet can worsen cases of chronic acne.

Products with Caffeine

It is true that moderate consumption of coffee does not represent a risk to the body. However, if the goal is to avoid acne, it is best to limit your intake and that of other products that contain caffeine.

“The reason? This stimulant produces hormonal alterations that are linked to this skin problem”.


To say that the egg is a harmful food is a complete mistake. Currently, it is recommended for any type of diet, since it contains essential amino acids and vitamins that improve health. The problem occurs when you eat excessively with your yolks. This part of the egg has a high fat content that can influence the excessive release of sebum in the skin. Therefore, to make your consumption safer, the ideal is to prepare it only with the clear ones.

Red Meats

Proteins of animal origin, especially those that come from red meat, slow down the digestive process and release acid compounds that can cause acne. Since they alter the pH of the body, they affect the alterations of the sebaceous glands and cutaneous oxygenation. Therefore, to make the diet for acne more effective, it is advisable to replace this type of meat with those that are more digestible and low in fat: chicken, turkey, rabbit, etc.

What are the Recommended Foods in a Diet for Acne?

A diet for acne should include foods with properties that help reduce the presence of pimples and sebum. Luckily, there is a wide variety of healthy alternatives that have this positive effect. Here we review some:

  • Carrots
  • Blue Fish
  • Olive oil
  • Whole grains
  • Skimmed dairy
  • Nuts (moderate portions)

Example of a Menu for a Diet for Acne

The general recommendation, in a diet for acne, is to respect the rules of a balanced diet. Therefore, although it is convenient to reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, they should not be eliminated in their entirety. Rather, it is about basing the dishes on healthy alternatives. Let’s see a simple example of a menu to have a reference about how to design more dishes. Of course, each meal can be varied considering the foods that should be eaten and those that do not.

  • Breakfast: peach smoothie and whole wheat bread with sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtomato or avocado.
  • Mid morning: green smoothie, herbal tea or bowl with chopped melon.
  • Lunch: bowl of vegetable broth, serving of grilled fish with lemon and seasonal fruit.
  • Snack: fruit salad with light cheese in small cubes.
  • Dinner: mixed salad with green vegetables, portion of roasted breast and kiwi.


Does acne bother you and you still do not correct your diet? Go ahead and do it soon so you can fight this problem from the inside and improve the state of health of your skin. And remember; never leave aside the recommendations of your dermatologist.


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