Do High Carbohydrate Diets Really Affect the Health?


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Do you avoid carbohydrates at all costs? Here we will tell you if it is advisable or not. There is a lot of talk about the risks of high carbohydrate diets. Therefore, it is not uncommon for most diets to have carbohydrate reduction as one of their main points. But, have you stopped to think if carbohydrates really are so negative?

Of course, following diets high in excess carbohydrates can cause:

  • Blood glucose problems.
  • Chronic diseases.

However, the opposite end also causes you severe problems such as:

  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Difficulty losing weight

The reality is that consuming carbohydrates is just as necessary as consuming healthy fats, proteins and vitamins, among others. The key is to choose the right carbohydrates and avoid those that have been processed and are rich in sugars and unhealthy fats.

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Your Thyroid has Problems Regulating its Function

Do you have trouble converting glucose into thyroid hormones T3 or T4? When you consume a few carbohydrates and have this problem, your metabolism will be slower. This can cause fever and problems to maintain the correct temperature in your body. To solve this problem, consume a complex carbohydrate. It will also be important to talk with your doctor or nutritionist to know the characteristics of high carbohydrate diets that you should follow.

Your Glucose Levels are Low

People with diabetes or prediabetes are instructed by their doctor to consume few carbohydrates. However, following a diet like this all the time without requiring it can lower your glucose. Carbohydrates are immediately converted to glucose.

“Therefore, they are the fastest way to recover normal glucose levels”.

The symptoms you should watch out for are dizziness and headaches. In case you are diabetic with a certain tendency to abnormal glucose drops, carry some carbohydrate with you at all times. You should also bring your meter for a quick review.

Diets High in Carbohydrates: You Need Energy

Lately do you feel particularly tired and lacking in energy? This can happen for several reasons. Since you have made adjustments in your sleep schedules until a change of activities. L as diets high in carbohydrates provides a lot of energy in a short time. This is because the body quickly metabolizes carbohydrates. When you consume an excess of energy that you do not burn then the energy accumulates as fat. When consuming carbohydrates for energy, remember to watch the portions. A small portion can give a lot of energy but it runs out quickly. It is best to bring several small portions that you can consume throughout the day.

You are Having a Hard Time Getting Pregnant

Leptin is a hormone that is related to the brain and the hypothalamus. When carbohydrate levels are optimal, leptin is produced normally. At this time, the pituitary may stimulate the sex hormones that control fertility and menstruation. The problem appears when your carbohydrate intake is poor. In this situation, your body will have difficulties to start the process of fertilization

You Feel Hungry all the Time

Complex carbohydrates are also often fiber- rich foods. For that reason, if you avoid diets high in carbohydrates you will always end up hungry. In addition, you will have problems in your intestinal transit. The alternative may be to change carbohydrates for foods that contribute healthy fats, such as avocado. In case the hunger persists, add a carbohydrate to your diet every so often.

What are the Best Carbohydrates?

When we recommend high-carbohydrate diets, we do not say that you eat anything. It is important that you choose natural foods of good quality. In particular, you should avoid processed carbohydrates, with too many sugars and sweeteners.

Try to consume:

  • Integral rice.
  • Whole wheat.
  • Wheat pasta.
  • Yellow pumpkin
  • Cherries, etc.

As you can see, diets high in carbohydrates are not harmful. In some cases, they are really a necessity for your body to function properly.


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