What are the Types of Foods that will Make You Fat?


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Monosodium glutamate is responsible for not being able to eat only one fried potato. This additive could lead to the appearance of overweight, coronary heart disease or hypertension. What other foods make us gain weight? Nowadays, due to the lack of time, the long working days and the various occupations and worries that we carry on each day, our diet is more superficial and less nutritious. Unfortunately, the fattening foods are a constant in many routines. Often without realizing it, we practically live by eating ‘foods’ that are far from the ideal. Among them, for example, are canned foods, soft drinks, concentrated juices and instant soups; nothing is natural anymore. In addition, at the same time that increases the consumption of foods that fatten, vegetables, fruits and fiber are left out. They are supplanted, erroneously, by fast and fatty food. It is difficult to eat homemade food and healthy ingredients. The best happens to be the fastest and most appetizing.

All this is replicated in children, who consume more and more and more candy, soft drinks, hamburgers and French fries. The consequence is none other than the famous problems of obesity, which currently affect more and more people in the world.

Feed us in a Healthy Way

We must learn to eat healthily and not poison ourselves slowly. We have to invest in our health today to avoid complications tomorrow. The body suffers with what we supply; everything leads to negative effects, sooner or later. There are, of course, foods that fatten more than others and that by the way are usually the most tempting. Next, we will detail those that are consumed more frequently.

What are the Foods that Get Fat?

The ones that are listed in this list are some of the foods that lead us to gain weight quickly:

  • Fast foods, hamburgers, chips, desserts and pizzas.

  • Pasta by itself does not generate many inconveniences, but it is consumed with a lot of sauce, condiments and cheeses. What really fattens is what accompanies pasta.

  • Processed meats, deli meats and sausages: They contains saturated fats, sodium and calories.

  • Salads are very healthy, but just like in the case of pasta, do not confuse yourself. The salads agree, but without excess of dressings. You can consume a salad that appears to be healthy but, when combined with condiments or other additions, considerably increase your calories.

  • Frying: It is preferable to consume foods cooked in steam, grilled, baked, roasted or sautéed. Fried foods absorb a lot of oil. Frying food increases the amount of calories.

  • The sugary soft drinks.

  • Products made with refined flour and sugar.

  • The white chocolates are those that contain more sugar and, consequently, fatten more.

Foods that get Fatter Become Addictive

Has it ever happened to you that you are consuming any food and want more and more, without being able to stop? This has an explanation: there is a component that is added to a greater extent to salted, processed, packaged, frozen and canned foods. It is also found in fast food. It is called monosodium glutamate, a fairly addictive flavor enhancer. That is why, to consume for example a bag of chips, we cannot stop until finished. This ingredient makes meals simply delicious. A new flavor has even been added, called umami, which means ‘tasty’ in Japanese, which is simply the result of adding that component to food. Interestingly, monosodium glutamate is also found naturally in certain foods, such as those that contain protein, dairy, meat, fish and various vegetables. Its proponent’s claim that the negative effects attributed to it lack scientific basis. What negative consequences do we talk about? This additive, they say, could cause obsession with the foods that contain it. It thus generates the appearance of overweight or other diseases such as hypertension and heart disease, among others. As we cannot do without this component, since it is naturally found in certain foods, the question is whether it is completely good to add it to prepared foods and in what quantities.

Caring for Weight is Taking Care of Your Health

In life we ​​must fight for many things, and a healthy weight is no exception. The idea of ​​enjoying is not totally forbidden, but we need to be aware that giving us a taste today will involve burning fats for more tomorrow if we want to maintain a healthy weight.

“Finally, remember that, to eliminate a kilo of fat, we must burn around 7800 kilocalories”. 

When in doubt, the best option will always be to opt for more natural foods and, consequently, healthier for our body.



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