What are the Best Vegetables to Lose Weight and How to Consume them?

In addition to eliminating toxins and accumulated fat, garlic and onions also enhance liver functions and protect our cardiovascular health. Recently we explained to you in our space how we should consume fruits to favor weight loss … What do you think if we now do the same with vegetables? Although it is true that most vegetables are good for our health, we must bear in mind that depending on the way we cook them and even with what we combine them, they will favor weight loss or not . Therefore, it is interesting to know this data to apply it day by day in our diet and, with it, lose those extra pounds that we have left thanks to an adequate diet and a little daily exercise. The effort will always be worth it.

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Let’s see now what the best vegetables to lose weight are and how to consume them.


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1. Spinach

It is curious to know that spinach belong to the same family as beets or Swiss chard. They are tasty, combine very well with many dishes and are ideal for weight loss. We explain why:

  • The basic components of spinach are water and, above all, proteins.
  • They have a very low carbohydrate index.
  • Their stems are very rich in fiber, so never eliminate them.
  • Do you know how many nutrients the spinach contains in its leaves? Many! Highlights include vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2 and B6, iron, magnesium and calcium, as well as rich antioxidants.

How Should I take Spinach to Promote Weight Loss?

  • It is better to consume them sautéed. Do not cook with water or, otherwise, lose much of its nutrients, especially calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • They are very suitable for our lunches or dinners. You can cook them in the pan with some garlic and a little olive oil, or combine them into a tasty salad with slices of pineapple and some nuts.

2. Cucumbers

Delicious and refreshing Cucumber is also one of the best vegetables to lose weight due to the tartronic acid present in its pulp, which helps us to inhibit the transformation of carbohydrates into fat. Nor can we forget its content in cellulose, perfect to promote intestinal transit, eliminate toxins and reduce cholesterol.

Remedy of Cucumber Water to Lose Weight


  • cucumber
  • 1 liter of water
  • One lemon’s juice
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds


  • We will start washing and peeling the cucumber, and then pass it through the blender to obtain its juice. Once ready, we add that liter of water and the juice of a lemon . Very easy!
  • We will drink the first glass on an empty stomach, accompanied by that spoonful of chia seeds, which will help us lose body fat.
  • The next three glasses will be taken 20 minutes before meals.
  • We will continue this treatment for 5 days in a row and we will rest. 10. In this way, we purify the body and promote weight loss.

3. The Peppers

It may surprise you that we have included the peppers in this list, since they have a very strong flavor and, at times, it costs us a little to consume them.

“The secret to promote weight loss is to eat them in small quantities and in raw form”.

this is how they can help us achieve all these benefits:

  • According to the Center for Human Nutrition of the University of California, in the United States, peppers are very suitable to burn calories from the body.
  • Peppers, whatever their variety or color, are rich in concapsaicin, a compound that allows us to increase body temperature and promote weight loss.

How should I Consume Peppers to Lose Weight?

Consume them always in raw form and in small quantities, cut or grated very finite and combined in your salads. Make sure that they are present in your diet every day.

4. Tomatoes

The tomatoes are ideal to cleanse the body. They are rich in antioxidants, bioflavonoid, vitamins A, B, C, B3 and K, in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, sodium and manganese and contain, in addition, very few calories. The tomato stands, as you see, as one of the best vegetables to lose weight.

Slimming Tomato-Based Drink


  • 1 tomato
  • 2 glasses of fresh water
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • 2 carrots


  • We will start by washing tomatoes and carrots well, then liquefy them. Once you have obtained the juice of these two vegetables, mix it with two glasses of fresh water, and then add the juice of the half lemon.
  • You can drink this slimming beverage 20 minutes before your two main meals, over 5 days. Rest another 5 and start again. If you follow a proper diet and do a little exercise a day, this drink will help you eliminate a few kilos. And it’s delicious!

5. Garlic and Onion

Both onions and garlic are excellent to promote weight loss and improve our oVerall health. They are two wonderful depuratives, capable of eliminating toxins and that accumulated fat, also enhancing the functions of the liver and protecting our cardiovascular health. They prevent the accumulation of liquids in our organism and they also rise, like two very useful natural antibiotics. Why not include them in our diet?

How Should I take Garlic and Onions to Lose Weight?

  • Start your mornings by taking a clove of garlic on an empty stomach together with a glass of water.
  • Onions will be consumed raw, in small quantities and cut into very thin slices to accompany our salads. The raw onion always conserves its properties better and allows us to purify the organism better.

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